The 2023 NFL Draft is in three weeks, while free agency has finally calmed down around the league this week.

The off-season still has three-plus months left, which means plenty more discussion around rosters and off-the-field news to come in the NFL.

In case you didn't hear, a few NFL teams are switching up uniforms in 2023; whether it's an addition to their uniform/helmet lineup or a rebranding altogether.

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The latest uniform news is not confirmed yet, but reports say both the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers are changing their uniform look next season. It remains to be seen what both teams decide to do, but many fans are hoping the Cardinals go back to their throwback logo and jerseys, which was worn before the 2005 season.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles are bringing back their Kelly Green uniforms for 2023; which will be used as an alternate.

Bills fans are now wondering if the team will finally go back to red helmets -- whether it's replacing the current white helmets (unlikely) or worn with an alternate, throwback uniform (more likely).

If you remember, the NFL allowed teams to wear more than one helmet in a season back in 2021 and the Buffalo Bills teased that year, Stefon Diggs in the old '90s and early 2000s look on Instagram.

Diggs last year put his request in for the red helmets last June.

There is still no word on the Bills going back to that look as an alternate, but April and May is typically the months an announcement like that is made, so we just have to wait and see if Buffalo does finally go back to the classic red helmet.

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