We've been through enough winters and snowstorms that we pretty much know what needs to be done to get your property free of snow a much as possible.

But there are some who for whatever reason do not. Some have legitimate excuses, like the elderly or you are not healthy enough to deal with any type of snowfall that results in a significant accumulation. hopefully, a good neighbor or family member can step in to assist.

But for those us us who can, we all pretty much know the drill. Removing snow from the driveway (if you have one), get all the snow off your vehicle which is illegal to drive around with snow on your vehicle in many states. Even if it's not illegal, it's just plain and simple common sense. You could be a danger to others behind you.

I've seen many sidewalks that are left untouched. Most, of not all of our municipalities require you clear a path on the sidewalk around your property within a certain amount of time after a significant snowfall.

Also, make sure there is a clear path for your mail person to get to your mailbox, and clear all that snow off the top of the mailbox. It's a courtesy we should all practice after a snowstorm.

And then there's the all important fire hydrant. Is there one near your property? After a snowstorm such as the one we had last week, is that fire hydrant visible? You would be doing your local fire department a great service to clear the snow around it and make sure it is visible.

Your local firefighters will be grateful for your help and it could help save a home in your neighborhood from additional damage should a fire break out, especially if the fie hydrant nearby is covered in snow and not easily found.

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