It's that time of the year. Time for snow to begin falling from the skies to blanket the Southern Tier of New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania.

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If you know me at all, you probably know that I am not a fan of snow, cold, icy conditions, well, just winter in general. But this is where I live, so be it.

Just an FYI - A couple of winters ago, I purchased a snow blower for the first time, and since then, I've only had to use it a few times, so maybe that was the trick to keep snow away. Okay, just wishful thinking on my part.

We deal with all kinds of snow events. Sometimes it's just a nice, light snowfall, other times we get clobbered measurable snow in inches, and as you know from time to time, measured in feet.

We also get surprised with snow squalls as well. And you know snow squall conditions can be very dangerous, especially if you are on the roadways, and one suddenly occurs. Advance warning can be tricky since snow squalls come on quickly.

The National Weather Service describes snow squalls as including strong winds, sudden drop in temperatures, and heavy snow bursts. Too many times we hear on the news of highway accidents due to snow squalls, which can result in vehicle pileups with injuries and even deaths.
The National Weather Service notes that when snow squalls are expected to pose a substantial threat, a Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) snow squall warning in which snow squalls are expected to pose a substantial threat will be transmitted.

If your mobile phone goes off displaying a snow squall alert, take the warning seriously and delay travel or exit as soon as possible.

Stay safe this winter. Pay attention and follow any snow squall alert advice when they occur.

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