A Broome County double-murder retrial that was expected to last over a month is over with another guilty verdict that could send a Binghamton man to prison for life.

Photo: Getty Images/Creatas RF

The jury spent less than a day deliberating before finding 45-year-old Aaron Powell guilty of two counts of second-degree murder and one count of first-degree murder in the March 2013 death of his estranged wife Christina and her friend Mario Masciarelli.

Prosecutors claimed Powell plotted the murder in his jealousy over Christina’s relationship with Mascarelli.

Powell was accused of bludgeoning the 24-year-old Mascarelli with a baseball bat and strangling 35-year old Christina with an electrical cord after stalking the pair earlier in the night and going to his estranged wife’s home on Lisi Lane in the Town of Binghamton in the early morning hours of March 22.

Powell had been convicted and was serving a life sentence when the first verdict was overturned in a claim of conflict of interest since one of the original jurors had also worked on the Powells’ divorce and custody cases.

Powell’s attorney has indicated that an appeal of this latest conviction is also planned.

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