Schools are opening up all around the Southern Tier, and it will look much different this year. AAA and the NY State Police are partnering to raise awareness.

According to an official press release, from  AAA’s annual “Schools Open-Drive Carefully”  campaign,  motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death to children ages five to fourteen.

We are entering the school year with the restrictions put into place because of the coronavirus pandemic, which will have many different looks, with the uncertainty of school bus transportation and restrictions, many parents will be walking and driving their children back and forth to school.

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The pandemic has changed the way the school year will look to both children and adults this fall, and that’s why motorists should be extra caution, and be on the lookout for children running out from behind parked cars, and blind sides of the streets.

The days of students in school all day have changed, and we no longer have the times during the day when we assume kids are in school, and will not be outside playing, walking, riding their bikes, etc.

AAA, along with the New York State Police, and Senator Timothy Kennedy remind everyone School is open Drive Carefully.

“In a typical year, there are 55 million students that go back to school across the country. Some are going back in person, some are utilizing a hybrid model, and some are learning virtually at home. We need to treat school zones, in particular, with caution and care, but this year, given the complexities of the pandemic, we need to consider that any community could be a school zone potentially, and we have to be mindful of children outside playing,” said Senator Timothy Kennedy.



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