NOAA has released the 2014-2015 Winter Weather Predictions and according to the maps below it looks like Binghamton falls into the part of the country where weather could go multiple ways.

As explained by NOAA, “equal chance” is another way of saying there is not a strong enough climate signal for our area. This means we have just as fair a shot of having an above or near average temperatures and/or precipitation as we do having below-normal temperatures and/or precipitation.

Below is the national temperature outlook.

Credit, NOAA

Don’t hold your breath for a mild season though, according to’s Expert Long-Range Forecaster, Paul Pastelok, we can expect another raw winter in the Southern Tier with returning visits from our dear friend, the Polar Vortex.  He says, "I think, primarily, we'll see that happening in mid-January into February but again, it's not going to be the same type of situation as we saw last year, not as persistent".

Here’s what NOAA is predicting for the country's winter precipitation.