New York’s “Pothole Hotline” Back in Service
A toll-free telephone number for New Yorkers to report potholes on the state's highway systems has been restored to full service.
The hotline - 1-800-POTHOLE - is available around the clock for motorists to alert the state Department of Transportation to road issues which need attention from mai…
Binghamton Moves to Expedite Pothole Repairs
Emergency pothole repair work is getting underway on Binghamton city streets.
Mayor Richard David says three "rapid response units" are being set up to help address some of the worst road surface problems in high traffic areas.
The mayor says a support team will be assigned to produc…
Binghamton Drivers Deal with Pothole Menace
Motorists in Binghamton have been faced with rough road surfaces as potholes develop in the aftermath of the recent snow storms.
Many of the complaints made by drivers over the past month have focused on conditions along Prospect Street...
Binghamton Potholes: Find, Fill, Repeat
Binghamton public works crews and their counterparts around the Northeast are facing a seemingly impossible task as they make emergency pothole repairs.
Over the weekend, police reported a major hazard on Riverside Drive at the Johnson City line...
Binghamton Potholes Pose Ongoing Challenge
Binghamton public works employees are working to fill some of the biggest potholes throughout the city but they're facing a difficult task.
The series of snowstorms and the freeze-thaw cycle have resulted in unusually large numbers of potholes throughout the entire region with a month left in wi…
Emergency Repaving Underway In Binghamton
A section of a residential street near the Prospect Mountain project in Binghamton is receiving special attention this week.
Emergency repaving was ordered on the eastern portion of Prospect Street after conditions worsened in recent days...
Binghamton Crews Make Progress On Potholes
Binghamton public works crews have been busy filling in hundreds of potholes in recent days.
Conditions on many heavily-traveled city streets had deteriorated by the end of winter with a proliferation of potholes that made life miserable for drivers...

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