Binghamton public works crews and their counterparts around the Northeast are facing a seemingly impossible task as they make emergency pothole repairs.

Over the weekend, police reported a major hazard on Riverside Drive at the Johnson City line.

Big potholes prompted eastbound drivers to use the westbound lane as they entered the city.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Even after the holes had been filled with a hot patch asphalt mixture, many motorists continued to swerve into the opposite lane at the city line.

Public works employees have been dispatched to some of the worst spots in recent days trying to address the most dangerous pavement problems.

Public works commissioner Gary Holmes says the "hot pack trailer" the city utilizes has been getting a real workout this winter because of the large number of potholes that keep opening up.

Holmes encourages Binghamton residents to report major problems when they spot them so crews can be assigned to make repairs as quickly as possible.