From the BC Humane Society, 2 Jackson Street, Binghamton (607) 724-3709:

"Meet 'Clinton.' He came to us with his mother - who could not walk. Both back legs dragging, in severe pain - with no bladder or bowel control. We rushed his mother to the veterinarian where a horrible thing was discovered. She had a BB gun bullet lodged in her spine, beyond repair. At what point will people realize that animal cruelty is a CRIME?

Poor Clinton is now an orphan due to someone’s ignorance and heartless acts. Clinton will be cared for and loved until he is old enough for adoption but, sadly, he goes on without the opportunity to be raised and nurtured by his natural mother.

We may never know who did this. What we do know is that no animal deserves this cruel treatment and that Animal Cruelty needs to STOP! We are already up to 129 reports of animal cruelty this year, and we will continue to rescue those in need.

Please consider helping by donating to assist with the veterinary care and expenses for all of the animals in our Shelter while they await their forever homes."