Finally camping season! On and off, I'll be giving you recipe ideas that can be done in the great outdoors for Foodie Friday.

Grilled Marinated Salmon (prep. time about 45 minutes)

1 salmon steak per serving

2 C. orange juice

¼ C. teriyaki sauce

2 Tbl. Honey

2 Tbl. Sesame seeds

Mix the marinade well. Save about a ¼ cup of the marinade and set aside. Pour the rest into a zip-top bag with the salmon and allow to marinade about a half hour. Don’t leave the fish in there much longer or the acid in the orange juice will begin to ‘cook’ the salmon.  Brush the grill with a little oil. Grill fish over medium high heat. Don’t turn the fish too soon. Once the sugars in the marinade begin to caramelize, the fish is less likely to stick.  Cook to desired doneness but don’t over-cook or you’ll have very dry salmon. Reduce the reserved marinade in a sauce pot on the stove or grill until it is a syrup consistency.  Pour the sauce over each salmon steak and serve with pasta salad or rice.

I did two pastas for sides. One was with roasted vegetables and an oil/vinegar dressing. The other was a more traditional mayonnaise/ macaroni salad style. It was funny to get feed-back from people who preferred one

Photo by Kathy Whyte

or the other. Everyone, though, liked the salmon!