It all tasted good on one plate for the big feast. Why not put it all in one dish for a day-after casserole? There are no exact amounts and I'm just giving you some of the items that could go in. You may also have yams, squash, corn.. whatever.

I'm a stuffing freak, so I'm leaving that out to have on it's own. Cool suggestion, though, from the ABC television show 'The Chew' where they spread leftover stuffing on a cookie sheet and baked it until dry then cut it into cubes to use as croutons in a salad.

Turkey Shepherd Pie

shredded turkey, green beans (or green bean casserole leftovers), cranberry sauce, gravy, carrots, mashed potato, grated parmigiano reggiano or other shredded cheese.

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Spray casserole dish with non-stick baking spray. Gently mix together all your leftovers except for the potato and cheese and place in casserole dish. Mix the cheese into the mashed potato and spread over top. Bake covered with aluminum foil  for about a half hour, or until bubbling. Remove foil and broil until the top has a golden brown crust.