Many streets and highways around the Twin Tiers have become obstacle courses as drivers try to avoid as many potholes as possible.

Much of Riverside Drive in the city of Binghamton from the Memorial Bridge to the Johnson City line is in rough shape, despite efforts by Department of Public Works crews to fill holes with a cold patch mix.

The cold patch method can provide temporary relief but drivers often find conditions deteriorate shortly after the holes have been filled.

Asphalt plants usually go into operation in early April and that means more permanent pavement repair work should start soon.

David Hamburg, a spokesman for the New York State Department of Transportation in Binghamton, says a toll-free hotline is available for drivers to report potholes or other issues on state-maintained roadways. The number is (800) POTHOLE. That's 800.768.4653.

Hamburg told WNBF News the DOT takes hotline calls "very seriously." He said pavement repairs are made as quickly as possible after they've been reported.