Bob Joseph/WNBF News

City of Binghamton awmakers are taking more time to evaluate a request to allow student parking at the Collier Street parking garage made by Alfred Weissman Real Estate of New Jersey, which is developing upscale apartments on Hawley Street across from City Hall. 

The former downtown office building has space for about 200 students renters. 

Business owners in the downtown area complained about a lack of parking and said blocking off 90 spaces for the students would be detrimental to their business.

Representatives for the developer said the issue is not about parking spaces but centers on complying with the city’s code.

Compounding the parking crunch downtown is the fact that the 40 year old parking garages on Collier, State and Water streets all need extensive repairs.

A delay on the vote on the parking request was made by City Zoning Board chair Kelly Donovan, who said an overwhelming amount of information had been submitted by both sides of the argument and needed review.