Remember during the pandemic, you were able to purchase wine and liquor to go in the State of New York? That allowance ended back in June of 2021. Well, now it's back for the next three years.

During the time it was allowed, alcohol to-go was very popular and profitable for businesses, especially during the difficult times of doing business during the pandemic.

According to a release by the New York State Liquor Board, "...section 106 of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law was amended to allow retail licensees who are granted the privilege of selling wine and liquor for on-premises consumption to also have the privilege to sell wine and liquor for take-out and delivery..."

Of course, there is always the restrictions and conditions clause, but that shouldn't be a deterrent to any businesses who choose to sell to-go liquor under the new law. But it might be for the consumer. And just what would that one important restriction and condition be for the consumer (and for the business as well?)

If you choose to purchase a to-go alcoholic beverage, you must also purchase a food item. And a pack of gum or piece of candy won't cut it. The purchase needs to be a substantial food item.

What is substantial you ask? According to the New York State Liquor Board release, it means the following: "A substantial food item is defined as sandwiches, soups or other foods, whether fresh, processed, pre-cooked or frozen."

The Liquor Board states that other substantial foods can include items such as hotdogs, chicken wings, and salads. It notes that chips, candy, and a bowl of nuts won't cut it. Also, small portions of some of these substantial items may not be acceptable and could be a violation of the law.

Do you feel that it is fair having to purchase a substantial food item when purchasing to-go alcohol?

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