Law enforcement agencies around the area have reporting vehicle thefts of various items resulting from unlocked vehicles.

You may think it’s safe, it could be broad daylight, and you’re just dropping off a few things at a business or residence.

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If you leave your vehicle unattended and it is not locked you’re leaving your unlocked vehicle open to be vandalized.

Recently a Cortland County Sheriff’s Office news release reported multiple complaints of vehicle theft resulting from unlocked vehicles in the Town of Homer. (call 607 758 6151 if you have information on these thefts)

The thefts occurred let night on October 20th through early on the morning of October 21st

When parking your vehicle please remember to never leave your vehicle running and unattended

If driving after dark you should try to find a lighted area to park under.

Avoid driving through or parking in high crime areas, and keep your doors lock while driving in city conditions.

If at all possible do not keep valuable items in your vehicle.

Make sure your vehicle windows and doors are secure and locked.

Some people have gone as far as engraving their VIN on the windshield (hey its not that crazy)

Make sure you don’t have a spare key in your cup holder or glovebox, you just inviting a thieve to take a joy ride in your vehicle.

Others have installed a hidden kill switch so that thieves cannot steal their vehicle (again it depends on how bad crime is in your neighborhood)

There are many anti-theft devices that will protect your vehicle from thefts, make sure you find one that is credited with good ratings.

Don’t ever assume that you’re safe from vandals because you live or are visiting a low crime area, I’m sure car thieves target vehicles with appealing looks, that have a better chance of containing valuables.

Report a vehicle crime immediately to law enforcement, the sooner the investigation begins the better  the chances of catching the thief.


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