There is a misconception about hypnosis that many people have gotten from watching too many TV sitcoms and movies, but does it really work.

How many times have you willed yourself to do something you never thought possible?

Well believe it or not that is a form of Hypnosis, and the power of the mind that can help you achieve your goals.

When most people hear the word hypnosis, they think about those goofy TV shows or movies where someone gets hypnotized and barks like a dog, or clucks like a chicken.

Most of us lack the experience to be able to focus our attention on the power of suggestions, and that where a trained professional can help.

When I was in my early twenties, I purchased a book on how to meet and have conversations with women.

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The book was basically a course on self-hypnosis, and it lead me through the steps to put myself in a relaxed state, and feed my mind suggestions.

I started dating someone shortly after that, and never really had a chance to use the book at that time.

A few months later, I really wanted to quit smoking, I was in my twenties and did not want to carry this unhealthy habit any further into my adult life, so I read the book and did the suggestion steps.

I had tried quitting cigarettes before, and it was a nightmare, but honestly with the self-hypnosis steps laid out in the book, it was one of the easiest things In ever did.

It took me a while to get a grasp on the whole process, but if I had someone who was a trained professional, I could have done it a lot sooner.

I know hypnosis can work in a much painless way, than just trying to stop cold turkey.

We have a few opportunities this week that can help you quit smoking, lose weight, or relieve stress and anxiety.

The Mark Patrick Hypnosis Seminars have helped many people in our areas achieve goals they never thought could be done.

If you’re struggling with weight issues, trying to quit the unhealthy habit of smoking, or you’re stressed and unhappy, why not give this a try.

Go to Mark Patrick Seminar and register for the virtual on line seminar tomorrow night (February 18) or this Saturday (February 20)


If you’d try other ways this could change your life, so what do you have to lose?

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