While no weather advisories are in place for the Binghamton area, there is still concern associated with very cold temperatures.

Health officials advise people to check on the more vulnerable population like the elderly and the “no-freeze” policy is in effect to place the homeless in shelter even when the normal facilities for the homeless are filled.  Patrol officers check on areas frequented by the homeless and assist them in being placed in temporary housing.

The “no-freeze” directive was put into place through a state mandate.  Local emergency services officials say the policy has been implemented over the past several days, even when the temperatures were warmer than they are currently.

Animal advocates are again reminding pet owners to care for their companion animals and keep them inside if possible.  Dogs and cats are also susceptible to frost bite and hypothermia.  Local shelters have reported they have been treating abandoned animals for weather-related health conditions over the past week.


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