State Street parking garage

Streets and parking spaces in the heart of downtown Binghamton have reopened in the aftermath of the LUMA projection arts festival.
Students Robbed
City of Binghamton Police Detectives are investigating a strong-armed robbery near student housing in Downtown Binghamton.
Parking Pinch
The arrival of several hundred students is making things even tougher for those who park at a downtown Binghamton parking garage that is being repaired.
Fewer Parking Spaces
Hundreds of parking spaces in a downtown Binghamton garage will be off-limits for weeks while concrete repair work is underway.
Working Downtown
The wave of "smash-and-grab" larcenies in city-owned parking garages in downtown Binghamton continues unabated.
Vandalism Spree
A vandalism spree in a city-owned parking ramp in downtown Binghamton left more than 20 cars without side-view mirrors. The windshield to one vehicle was smashed.
The damage was discovered Friday morning. Mayor Richard David said it was unclear when the criminal activity occurred or how many peo…

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