Grand Royale Hotel

Who Will Live in the Old City Hall?
The new owners of the old Binghamton City Hall building have decided turning the once-stately structure into an apartment complex is a better idea than using the place for a hotel.
Old City Hall Condemned
The once-majestic Binghamton City Hall building which was built in 1897 and has been used a hotel in recent years has been declared unfit for human habitation.
Historic Building Reopens
The Grand Royale Hotel in downtown Binghamton has reopened after being closed for about 20 months.
The hotel is housed in a Collier Street building that served as City Hall for several decades. The building was constructed in 1897.
In June, a group of investors from India announced they were partnerin…
Hotel to Reopen
Binghamton's Grand Royale Hotel is expected to resume operations this summer.
A group of investors from India is partnering with the Watertown dentist who owns the property to reopen the hotel and its restaurant.
The hotel has been closed since December 2013...
Uncertain future
The Grand Royale Hotel in downtown Binghamton is still closed and apparently isn't going to reopen.
The hotel - with entrances on State and Collier streets - shut down operations last December 21.
Nirmal Aujla, the Watertown dentist who owns the hotel, told WNBF News last February that he expecte…
Renovations planned
The Grand Royale Hotel in downtown Binghamton has been closed for planned renovations.
Owner Nirmal Aujla says the Collier Street hotel closed for business on December 21.
Aujla says he expects renovation work to get underway soon...
Landmark lounge
It turns out here is a Mayor's Lounge in downtown Binghamton -- and it's not inside City Hall.
The lounge actually is located in the historic former City Hall on Collier Street, which now serves as the Grand Royale Hotel.
A new restaurant, The Royale Kitchen, is opening this week...