Charles Schumer

Toys R Us Gift Card Alert
As reports spread that Toys R Us employees were being informed all of the company's stores in the United States would close, one lawmaker expressed concern that consumers could wind up losing a lot of money.
Downtown Demonstration
Dozens of people gathered at the Binghamton Federal Building to express concern about President Donald Trump's environmental agenda.
Flood Study Agreement
A study of flooding trends along the Susquehanna River Basin that has been hung up in the gears of government for years could be lurching forward a little.
Lockheed Contracts
It looks like Lockheed Martin in Owego is going to be working on two new multi-million dollar helicopter contracts for the U.S. military.
Demolition ahead?
A contract for the demolition of a flood-wrecked Air Force plant in the town of Union could be awarded in the next two weeks.
U.S. Senator Charles Schumer says work on tearing down the facility at 600 Main Street in Westover could start shortly after the contract has been awarded...
$18.5 million
The United States Air Force has committed $1.2 million for an environmental assessment of the flood-damaged town of Union site that had housed BAE Systems.
Senator Charles Schumer visited the Westover property this morning. He urged the Air Force to make demolition of the building a priority...
Schumer recusal
Senator Charles Schumer has said the acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Comcast "seems like" it would be beneficial for New York. But a Schumer spokesman now indicates the senator won't be involved in a congressional review of the deal...