bomb threat

Bomb Threat
A DCMO BOCES student is facing a felony charge after a threatening note was found at the Harold Campus just before dismissal time March 6.
Court Cleared
Endicott Village Court is expected to be operating normally after business was interrupted by a threat October 18, forcing an evacuation.
Bomb Threat
A bomb threat forced employees of the Broome County court buildings in downtown Binghamton out into the rain.
Vestal Investigation
No arrests have been reported in connection with a bomb threat received by the Jewish Community Center in Vestal four weeks ago.
Bomb Threat
A bomb threat received by a Jewish Community Center in Broome County was one of dozens received by similar facilities across the United States around the same time.
School threat
A 13-year-old boy is suspected of threatening to blow up a Chenango County school.
Authorities say the town of Lebanon youth is believed to have written a note on a bathroom wall that was discovered in the Sherburne-Earlville School District last week...

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