Rats and New York City are basically synonymous, but a disturbing report from the UK may swing New York's war against rats in favor of the rats.

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According to a report by Emer Scully of Mirror, almost all of the rats and mice in the UK have evolved in the last two decades, becoming resistant to common rat poisons. The report indicates that 78% of rats and 95% of house mice in the UK have developed genes to prevent them from being killed by anticoagulant rodenticides.

While that problem is located in the UK, it paints a very scary picture for New York City. The rat infestation in New York is so extreme that we actually need rules for trash and the city is looking to hire a "rat czar," whose lone job will be killing rats as efficiently as possible. On top of that, a New York Post article by Michael Kaplan featured a 27 year veteran of the pest control game, Ernie Schicchi, who warned whoever takes the rat czar job that they will not win that war.

So the idea of rats in New York evolving to be essentially immune to common rat poisons is troubling, to say the least. Rats already basically run New York City. In my time in the city I occasionally had to boot a rat from the subway platform after it decided to harass me and my fellow commuters. That's something that just shouldn't need to happen on any form of public transportation but in New York, it's just another Tuesday. If New York City rats start turning into super rats, we might have to declare the city lost and regroup in Binghamton to plan next steps.

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