My family just returned from an incredible vacation which spanned ten days and seven states. We had plans to be at the beach for three of the ten days, but the rest of our days were left for adventure and wherever the New England coast took us.

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On day eight of our trip, we found ourselves in Connecticut in the area of New Haven where Yale University is located. While walking the streets around Yale, we saw signs for the PEZ Visitor Center and decided to drive the 20 minutes to check it out.

Located just three and a half hours from Binghamton, the PEZ Visitor Center in Orange, Connecticut is perfect for both PEZ lovers and history buffs. PEZ have been around my entire life, but I had no idea how incredible the history of the candy is until our visit.

PEZ were created by Eduard Haas III in Austria in 1927. The original PEZ were peppermint flavored and were created as a breath freshener and alternative to cigarettes. The name comes from the German word for peppermint which is PfeffErminZ.

When PEZ were first introduced, they were sold in tin containers similar to what you and I know Altoids to be sold in. The concept of the PEZ dispenser was born in 1949 by a Viennese engineer named Oskar Uxa. Uxa's creation looked a lot like a lighter and quickly became a snazzy accessory for people to walk around with.

Before becoming a candy adored by kids, PEZ were marketed to adult by way of young and beautiful women who dressed in uniform and handed out samples of PEZ at trade shows, in stores, at busy intersections, and at major events.

If you (or someone you know) loves PEZ and you're looking for some place cool to go that's not too far from home, I highly recommend the PEZ Visitor's Center in Orange, Connecticut.

Explore and Reminisce at the History Rich PEZ Visitor Center in Connecticut

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