The March 2020 St. Baldricks event to fight childhood cancer was held just before the pandemic hit our country

The new year brings a vaccine that could promise a return to normalcy, but for now we are still living in the pandemic and this year’s event traditionally held in Norwich will be a virtual event.

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According to a news release, event organizer A. Wesley Jones says the annual head-shaving fundraiser to fight childhood cancer will take place on Saturday, March 13 as a virtual event.

Jones said in the release:

“Due to the ongoing pandemic, there’s no way we can hold an in-person event in March, and it’s unclear if that would be possible at all this year”.

The actual event plans are still in the planning phase, but the initial plan is to have participants be shaved online through a virtually hosted event.

Norwich co-organizer James Burchill says “Due to the shutdowns across the country, most events last year were canceled and this year is not looking any better. Despite that, the number of children who get cancer, one every two minutes, has not changed.”

Last year’s St Baldrick Event held in Norwich raised more $31,000 towards child cancer research.

The Norwich event part of the nationwide fundraiser has been a participate for the past 16 years, and this year’s plans include a live Facebook event on March 13.

The St. Baldricks Foundation was started in 1999, the concept is to shave off your hair or ponytails in solidarity with children, who often lose their hair when undergoing cancer treatment.

Since it’s virtual, participate across our area are invited to join the fundraiser, but be prepared to shave off those beautiful locks of hair.

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