Over $930-billion in airport funding is coming to New York State with millions earmarked for the Southern Tier under the newly approved, but yet-to-be-signed bi-partisan federal infrastructure improvement plan.

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U.S. Senator Charles Schume (D-NY)r says the Greater Binghamton airport will get $5.1 million dollars and Tri-Cities Airport $790,000 while some other hubs frequently used by travelers from Broome County are destined to get even more funding.

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News (file)

Schumer says the Syracuse airport is to be allocated $27,339,820 and Elmira-Corning is in line for $8,555,765 dollars.

Meanwhile the Democrat says broadband-deficient communities in the Southern Tier, Mohawk Valley and North Country are to get billions for high-speed internet upgrades.

Photo: Astrid Stevens/Getty Images (file)

A total of $42.4 in in the package for broadband deployment grants for states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and U.S. Territories as well as $14-.2 billion for permanent broadband affordability and $2.75 billion to provide digital literacy and digital skills education to senior populations and low-income communities.

There are also funds in the package to reduce water pollution and for brownfield cleanup.

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