Some roads in the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania may be closed after heavy rain June 18 caused landslides and washed out some areas.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News)
Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

Trouble spots last evening included areas that had been washed out last August by flash flooding like Albany Township.  At around 10 a.m. June 18, the National Weather Service had reported a portion of Route 81 in Lenox Township had been closed due to flooding.

NOAA issued flash flood warnings for Southern Susquehanna County as well as part of Bradford County and reported by 10:13 a.m. already two inches of rain had fallen in areas like Forest City, Union Dale, West Lenox and Harford.

In Bradford County, officials reported Towanda Creek spilling over its banks and some land slides on steep embankments along some roads.

Motorists could still run into areas with debris over roadways a day or more later with more heavy rain in the forecast.

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