A public hearing to talk about a proposal to put a solar farm on Powderhouse Road in the Town of Binghamton is coming up.

Photo provided by the City of Binghamton
Photo provided by the City of Binghamton

According to a public notice published in August and distributed to Town of Binghamton Property Owners in the area of the proposed development, the Zoning Appeals Board will meet at 6:30 p.m. Monday, September 12 at the Binghamton Town Hall to hear comments on the application from Sigma Solar to place a 5.0 megawatt-AC photo voltaic solar array on South Hill Conservation Property at 930 Powderhouse Road.

Property owners located within 500 feet of the subject property listed on the Zoning Application were sent the hearing notice.

Sigma Solar, LLC, which was registered as a Broome County Company in April of last year, submitted an application to the town for a project to be located on property in a district zoned R-1 for single residential use.

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According to town and business records, the property at 930 Powderhouse Road is owned by South Hill Conservation, LLC, which, in-turn, has its registered business address with New York State Department of State attention John Rosekrans, Exchange Street, Binghamton.

According to the application filed with the town, Sigma Solar is seeking a use variance from the Zone Code on Solar Energy Systems and Geothermal Law.

Copies of the company’s application are available at the Office of the Building Official, Town Hall, 279 Park Avenue, Binghamton for inspection prior to the public hearing on September 12.

Written communications can be sent to the Chairman, Board of Zoning Appeals at the Town of Binghamton Town Hall.

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