I have been registered to vote since the moment I turned 18. My first vote was cast in 2004 for John Kerry. I remember having to trot down to the Board of Elections, pick up my voter registration form, fill it out, find a stamp, mail it in and wait for my voter card.

That whole process is so much easier now, thanks to Rock the Vote.

People, including myself, don't realize that you need to fill out that same form to re-register every time you move. Just going to the DMV for your typical change of address isn't enough to also register to vote.

I filled out my voter registration form in less than 60 seconds, printed it off, put it in the mail and off it went to Albany. I suspect in a week or two, I will receive my voter registration card.

The voter registration deadline for the November, 2012, election is Oct. 12! Click below to register

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