Members of advocacy groups and labor unions held a demonstration in downtown Binghamton to express concern about future trade agreements.

Representatives of Citizen Action of New York and the Communications Workers of America gathered outside the Metrocenter May 9 to protest efforts to expedite Congressional action on trade measures.

Speakers said they are especially concerned about the Trans-Pacific Partnership which is being negotiated. The treaty would include the United States and eleven other countries.

Those at the protest said they oppose so-called "fast track" legislation. They say if it's adopted, representatives would be unable to amend trade deals.

Opponents of the maneuver said they're concerned that more United States jobs would be lost. They also expressed concern about reduced consumer and environmental protections if the Trans-Pacific Partnership becomes a reality.

Participants in the demonstration said they want Congressman Richard Hanna to oppose any effort to "fast track" the deal.

A statement released by Hanna's office indicated he "will review any trade legislation that comes before the House of Representatives." The statement also said Hanna appreciated feedback from 22nd Congressional District residents.