The Holiday season is just ahead and many people across the country are getting ready to prepare and package meals to send out to family and friends.

The pandemic has prevented us from visiting our loved ones, and its likely to continue through the rest of the year that includes the holiday season.

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Many families will be sending our care packages to friends and family through the holidays, we all have some special meals and treats that share a bond with the people in our lives.

I’m sure this holiday season we will be sending those special foods and treats through the mail so it is important to think about food safety before we drop those packages in the mail.

According to a press release from Cornell University, Rob Gravani who is the emeritus professor of food and science at CU, says the best way to assure food arrives in good condition, is to avoid perishable and fragile foods, and to make sure your items are properly packaged.

If food is not properly packaged, it could cause illness to the people who consume it, Gravani said “Foods that are not fragile and will withstand the rigors of shipment and possible delays during this very busy time of year should be selected.

Use caution in shipping anything that requires refrigeration or cooler temperatures to preserve, and the recommendation is to ship early in the week to assure quicker arrival, and before the big holiday rush.


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