Pennsylvania Transportation officials are making preparations for the first big snow storm of the season with the expectations of a foot or more of snow in some areas through December 17.

PennDOT photo/ Pittston High School Paint the Plow
PennDOT photo/ Pittston High School Paint the Plow

Penn-DOT says as of 1 p.m. December 16, Level One of the Commonwealth's Weather Event Vehicle Restriction Plan goes into effect on Interstates and other roads around the state, including all north and southbound lanes of interstate 81.

Tractors without trailers, tractors towing unloaded or lightly loaded trailers, open trailers, tank trailers, light tandem trailers, certain enclosed cargo delivery vehicles, passengers vehicles towing trailers, recreational vehicles and motorhomes, motorcycles and buses (school and commercial) are not permitted.

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Level three restrictions are scheduled to start at 4 p.m. That means no commercial vehicles excepted loaded single trailers with chains or approved Alternate Traction Devices.

Speed limits will be reduced to 45 miles per hour on Pennsylvania highways, interstates and the turnpike for all vehicles and additional speed restrictions and road closures could be put in place depending on the storm.

Travel should be restricted throughout the storm but if you must go out, slow down and give snow plows lots of room.

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