The most watched sporting event in America will take place this Sunday February 7th and there will be another big game happening at the Binghamton Ross Park Zoo.

The starting lineup will not feature a Patrick, or a Tom, this lineup will feature Ronde, Dyer, Gnat, and rookie of the year Aurora, the youngest player at one and a half years of age.

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It’s the Fourth annual Penguin Bowl, featuring the African Penguins of the Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton, and they are competing to raise awareness for endangered species, and also to support the COVID relief efforts at the Ross Park Zoo.

You’re invited to watch Penguin Bowl IV on social media LIVE, this Sunday February 7, 2021, on the Zoo’s Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram, follow us @rossparkzoo.

The Ross Park Zoo is located at 60 Morgan Road Binghamton New York, and is closed for the winter, so this is your chance to see the Penguins, and support the players with a donation to support the animals and the Zoo.


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