One of the most positive thing that happened during this crazy year was the beautiful weather and Cornell University says it was perfect for growing pumpkins.

According to a press release from Cornell University, summer conditions were perfect for pumpkins growers and this years crop will be extremely colorful and vibrant.

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Stephen Reiners, professor of horticulture at Cornell University said “There are plenty of pumpkins to choose from this year as the summer was just about perfect for growing them. I don’t think I have ever seen the colors so vibrant as what I’ve seen in this vintage year. A great way to support your local farmer, especially in this difficult year, is to go out and visit their farm.

Pumpkins that are uncarved can last through the Thanksgiving holiday, but once you cut into the pumpkin, bacteria and fungi gets in and starts the rotting process.

Reiners suggests adding a tablespoon of bleach to a quart of water in a spray bottle, and spray the inside of the pumpkin thoroughly, and all cut surfaces daily, or cutting the pumpkins from the bottom, while leaving the stem end intact, sitting the pumpkin on top of a candle will cause moisture to flow out of the bottom, rather than causing areas of mush .

Reiners says “The trend is continuing for odder and odder pumpkins and gourds. Weird, warty ones with a lots of colors are popular but even with these new types, people always buy a few old fashioned jack-o-lantern types.”

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