The Associated Press reports, while under fire for the release of the information surrounding coronavirus nursing home deaths in New York state, Governor Andrew Cuomo is insisting the state didn’t cover up the numbers. But he acknowledged during his daily news briefing February 15 that officials should have moved faster to release some information sought by lawmakers, the public and the media.


The Democrat said that deaths in nursing homes and hospitals were always "fully, publicly and accurately reported.”  The governor insists that the numbers of deaths for both nursing homes and people who passed away at hospitals were accurate and readily reported but insisted that distinguishing nursing home residents who died in hospital from the other hospital deaths was inconsequential.

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Cuomo has seen his image as a pandemic-taming leader dented by a series of disclosures involving nursing homes in recent weeks. He said he would propose reforms involving nursing homes and hospitals in the upcoming state budget.

Meanwhile, some political opponents are not only calling on the Democrat to apologize and be limited on his ability to take emergency executive action, but are advocating for his impeachment.

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