In statewide voting, proposals to change the makeup of New York's Congressional voting districts and the voting procedures appear headed for defeat. The votes on the proposals, however, have not all been tallied.

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News

While the constitutional amendment to guarantee residents' rights to clean air, clean water and a healthy environment appears to have passed,, redistricting plans that would count undocumented immigrants among an area's population, allowing federal aid dollars to flow to a region to pay for services has 48.65% of voters opposed and 38.52% in favor.

Another proposition steering toward the cliff involves allowing New Yorkers who suddenly decide they want to vote to register on election day instead of a minimum ten days prior.  That proposal has a more clear margin of imminent defeat with 51.41% against "Same-Day Registration" and 37.73% in favor.

The proposal that would let registered voters ask for an absentee ballot without providing an acceptable excuse for not being able to physically go to the polls is also headed to defeat with 50.17% against and 38.66% in favor.

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Conservatives lobbied heavily ahead of election day against the redistricting and voter reform propositions painting the proposals as portals to voter fraud.

The final proposition on the table involved increasing the dollar limit on settlements sought in court in New York City.  While that seemed like a completely downstate issue, the measure would actually have an impact in cases before the State Supreme Court.  That proposal appears headed for approval.

Many voters across the state, including in the Southern Tier, left the proposal lines and lines for State Supreme Court Justice blank.

You can see local and regional election results here:

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