Until today, I had no idea that New York had an official state song. But now that I've heard it, I can tell you that it is in desperate need of an update.

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Now before we go any further, why don't you take a second and listen to the current New York state song and form your own opinion.

Now that you've heard it, I think we can all agree. This needs an update. The current song doesn't really capture the essence of New York.

It feels more like the theme song for a 90's sitcom with absurdly written dialogue and a problem that can only be solved by having a 30 second heart-to-heart conversation with John Stamos right before the fake studio audience says "aw" and the screen cuts to black.

That's not New York. We need something with just a little bit more flare.

Now there's one song that's an obvious replacement. Frank Sinatra's classic "New York, New York." It's hard to think of any other song that represents New York as well as one that says the name twice in the title.

Of course that song is really about New York City and as we all know, there's a lot more to New York than just the Big Apple. So I would propose that we create a new state song from scratch that is a little bit harder and has a little bit more flare.

And as soon as it's finished, we let every other state know that their state song isn't as good as ours. That's the New York way.

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