Many schools in the area have already been working out scenarios on what they would need to do to safely reopen in the fall without any guidance from Albany and now they have at least some idea of the next steps.

July 8, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo finally laid out a timetable for the districts but still, little guidance on requirements for reopening.  That guidance is to come from the state July 13 with local schools required to submit their plans for reopening and health and safety procedures on July 31.  The state would then announce a decision on reopening August 1 to 7.   

The governor would not say, however, if that would be a decision for the entire state or region by region based on COVID-19 data as has been the case with the stepped-reopening of businesses following the shutdown to stop the spread of the pandemic.

Children Maintain Social Distancing at Earlham Primary School
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Meanwhile, some schools are looking at different plans for spreading students out in the buildings which might include modified schedules for in-class and distance learning.

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The Democrat also responded to White House pressure to reopen schools quickly. President Donald Trump vowed he would send students back into the classroom but Cuomo countered the decision is not up to the president or the federal government.

The Governor says “We will open the schools if it is safe to open the schools”…”I am not going to ask anyone to put their child in a situation that I would not put my child in and that’s how I make these decisions.” He says “just to be clear, the federal government has no legal authority when it comes to school openings.”

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