New York State is looking to make it easier for residents to seek childcare options by launching new online tools to help parents find affordable childcare.

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According to a press release on Wednesday from New York State Governor Kathy Hochul's Office, New York has launched online tools to help parents find quality, affordable child care in the state.

New York's Child Care Assistance Program

The new online tools will help parents figure out if they're eligible for financial support through the state's Child Care Assistance Program, which offers low or no-cost child care.

After completing a questionnaire, parents will know if they match the criteria for the program, and the state will direct them to the local department of social services to apply for funding. It's part of a $7.6 billion investment over four years to expand access to quality child care for New Yorkers.

Hochul's Response

Governor Hochul stated,

"As a mother who put her career on pause due to a lack of affordable child care, I understand first-hand how important this lifeline is for families. Complimenting the major investments made in funding child care, we are taking significant steps to improve the process of finding care, widen program eligibility, and support our workforce to ensure all New Yorkers have access to these critical resources."

In the press release, Governor Hochul also announced that the New York State Child Care Availability Task Force would be re-established, and will advise the state on developing a phased-in rollout of universal child care. It will issue a report on the matter by the end of 2023.

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