New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says there is nothing to be confused about concerning school children and masks.

Children Maintain Social Distancing at Earlham Primary School
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Addressing reporters about a letter from the Health Commissioner sent on Friday, June 4 saying masks would become optional unless the Centers for Disease Control provided guidance to the contrary, the Democrat said the state has always adhered to CDC recommendations.  The Governor says, while students must continue to wear masks indoors, schools can choose to allow students to go mask-less outside.

Cuomo says officials want to make sure rules for school districts don’t have a disconnect with the guidance for camps and summer programs. He says, after consulting with the CDC, New York is going to modify the guidance and allow schools to choose no mask outside for the children but that is up to the local school districts.

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The current CDC guidance on summer camps says even unvaccinated students are not required to wear masks outdoors but those students and unvaccinated staff must be masked and maintain social distancing while inside except while eating and drinking.

Many school districts, teachers’ groups and parents were confused when they suddenly heard Friday that masks would not be required starting June 7 only to have state Education officials Sunday notify districts state agencies had decided to hold off on lifting the mask mandate.  At least one school district reportedly called a snow day June 7 until things could be sorted out.

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