New York State’s Green Light law that allows immigrants to get a driver’s license without having to prove they are in the country legally goes into effect after surviving more legal challenges from County Clerks in the State.

I could have just stayed home
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Republicans are still blasting the law saying it not only gives a privilege to people committing a crime but could open the door to voter fraud if no one verifies the voter registration check-box on a license application to make sure the person is actually eligible to vote.

Senate Republican leader John Flanagan issued a statement December 13 calling the law forwarded by Democrats “a real-life example of the grave consequences of one party rule.”

Some clerks opposing the measure indicated that they would use delay measures in order to keep from issuing the licenses today.

Immigrants who do not have valid social security number would be able to present numerous other id items including passports and driver licenses from other countries in order to obtain a New York Driver’s license.


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