Just how much of a risk parents want to take with their children to have a little fun on Halloween will be up to the individual families.   

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told News 12 on Long Island that he would not ban trick-or-treating. 

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California has prohibited the practice for fear of the spread of the coronavirus. 

Health officials have cautioned about the risk of spreading the virus with practically un-traceable contact with children going to homes of people they don’t know. 

While trick-or-treat has always carried an element of risk in past years including fear of candy being tampered with, the highly contagious COVID-19 adds another degree of concern. 

So far, the best information from health experts is that the coronavirus is primarily spread as particles in the air but surface contact spread has never entirely been ruled out. 

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New York State may come out with some guidelines in upcoming weeks that would include facial coverings to block the coronavirus, not just for costume purposes as well as the ongoing social distancing and gathering size requirements. 

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