The New York State Attorney General says an agreement has been reached with PayPal Charitable Giving Fund to make sure donors get information and disclosures they need when making contributions through the platform.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images


Letitia James says the fund had not adequately disclosed to donors that the groups collecting contributions more quickly than ones that maintain a full PayPal account, in some instances, redirected donors’ contributions from their selected charity to other organizations with similar purposes.

P.P.G.F. has agreed to reforms to its disclosures to make sure donors know they are contributing to P.P.G.F., the time-frame the selected charity may get the funds and the difference between an enrolled rather and an un-enrolled charity with the group.

The fund will also notify donors when their funds are being redirected and give regulators future fundraising campaign data.

In the settlement with New York and 22 state law enforcement partners, P.P.G.F. has agreed it will also pay $200,000 dollars to a fund to defray costs of litigation of cases brought by state charity regulators.

Pennsylvania was also involved in the action.


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