A Tioga County Charity is trying to drum up public support after it says it learned its rent may be going up over three-fold.  

Catholic Charities of Tompkins/Tioga says it was informed last month the rent on the building it has leased in the Nichols Elementary School on Roki Boulevard in Nichols for ten years would increase from $17,712 a year to $48,348 a year with additional charge for use of the kitchen space. 

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According to a news release from the agency, 139 Roki Boulevard, which serves as CCTT's home base, was purchased by the Town of Nichols from the Tioga Central School District in 2017, making the Town the charity's new landlord.

CCTT sys it signed a five year lease with the town in 2019, agreeing to pay $1,476 for the use of six classrooms each month.  Catholic Charities says that comes to $17,712 a year.  The group says the Town Board also approved allowing CCTT to use the building's kitchen to serve free meals to the community four days a week with a once-a-month sit-down meal for seniors.

The charity says since the board approved the use of the kitchen, CCTT has obtained grant money needed to replace necessary equipment and get certification.

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Catholic Charities says it was informed in November that the rent would increase to $4,029 a month or $48,348 a year and the group would be charged for the use of kitchen space in the old Nichols Elementary School.

The Nichols Town Court and Tioga County Historical Society also occupy office space in the building at 139 Roki Boulevard.  CCTT says those offices are occupied rent-free.

Tioga Downs also rents space in the building.

CCTT says the Town of Nichols Offices are also being moved into the town-owned building.

The group was asking residents to show up to show support at the December 13 town board meeting at 7 p.m. at the Nichols Elementary School Room 8.

Catholic Charities of Tompkins/Tioga serves residents in Nichols, Barton, Waverly and Owego out of the offices in Tioga County.  Some of those services include free meals, gently used donated clothing and pantry staples as well as assisting residents with back rent, security deposits, food stamps, employment services, small home repairs, gas cards, prescriptions, school supplies, Thanksgiving baskets and holiday gifts for families in need..

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