The Governor’s office says there has been a rush by people who had been adopted to get a look at their original birth certificates after New York State relaxed their restrictions on birth information this year.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office says more than 3,600 adoptees outside of New York City, over the age of 18, filed applications from January 15 to January 20 to receive a certified copy of their original or pre-adoption birth certificate.

The New York State Department of Health now accepts requests from adoptees aged 18 or older who were born in New York State outside of New York City.

If the adoptee is deceased, direct line descendants like a child or grandchild can request a copy.

Advocates have fought for years to gain access to the records with New York being one of the most restrictive in the nation in providing birth information.  In addition to resolving questions about where an adoptee comes from, many have found hidden genetic health issues through searches of their birth-families.

Those seeking birth certificates from New York State can find out more at

Those adopted in New York City must apply through the City Department of Health and Hygiene.

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