Ross Park’s new Geoffroy marmoset family is wasting no time in contributing to the Species Survival Plan.

Binghamton’s zoo just got the little primates at the end of July with the hopes of growing the family.  The zoo is now announcing the addition of a new baby joining mom Maxine, father, Clark and another youngster, Finn.

Geoffroy marmosets are native to southeastern Brazil and are on the “Least Concern” list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. But the cute little tree-climbers are seeing populations decline as a result of destruction of their natural habitat.

Ross Park Zoo
Ross Park Zoo

Visitors to the Zoo on Morgan Road on Binghamton’s South Side will have a little challenge spotting the new baby clinging to one of its family members.

The zoo is open for “Howloween at the Zoo” October 6 & 7 as well as the 13th and 14th with special events for the season and appearances by Police K9 units, sports team mascots and a Teddy Bear Clinic.

For more information, go to or call (607) 724-5461.

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