Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News

The boat dock that disappeared from a Susquehanna River park in Tioga County several days ago has been located.

The dock at the Waterman Conservation Education Center park near Hiawatha Island in Apalachin vanished just over a week ago.

Center executive director Scott MacDonald says a man in Athens called the office Sunday to report he'd spotted the dock. That meant the dock may have floated nearly 30 miles down the river.

MacDonald says a report was made to New York State Police after the dock disappeared. He says someone loosened and raised the dock from its spot off Marshland Road.

The dock was assembled from four separate units which weigh about 800 pounds each.

MacDonald says "nature didn't do this." He says it clearly was a deliberate action.

Although the dock was seen in Athens Sunday, MacDonald said because of the fast-moving water, it could have floated down to Towanda by now.

MacDonald said because it's traveled so far, it's not going to be possible to bring it back to the park.

The dock is used to provide boat access between the riverside park and Hiawatha Island. MacDonald said about 1500 people visit the Susquehanna River island every year.

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