Xcite Wrestling has plans to bring the first live Wrestling event in five months to the Oakdale Mall parking lot on Saturday, August 22.

Last week I spoke with John Musok owner of Xcite Wrestling about the plans to bring live events to the Oakdale Mall parking lot this summer.

The plan was also to have drive-in movie nights in the parking lot and possibly some other live entertainment such as comedy shows.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced promoters and owners of venues to cancel all live events, the loop hole seems to be outdoor entertainment such as drive in movies which are allowed.

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Xcite wrestling has decided to bring both of these events together and have spectators watch live wrestling matches in the safety of their own vehicles, just like you would watch a big screen movie.

Xcite wrestling has been given permission to hold the first NYS Athletic Commission professional wrestling event which they are calling “There Can Be Only One” at the new X Drive-In at the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City.

This is the first authorized wrestling event in the past five months and has taken months of planning between The Oakdale Mall, The Village of Johnson City, Xcite Wrestling and the NYSAC.

Xcite wrestling is working with all parties to insure safety precautions including social distancing, masks and testing of all the staff and talent, Musok says.

For more information on all upcoming events, including the “There Can Be Only One” event, email XciteWrestlingLLC@yahoo.com, visit their website, Facebook, or Twitter pages.

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