Broome County Executive Jason Garnar is asking the Legislature to accept New York State funding to open a drug treatment center at the former Broome Developmental Center.

The Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services is funding up to $1.5 million in base aid and up to $1.2 million in a one-time start-up grant for the program.

Broome Legislative Chairman Daniel Reynolds is continuing to claim lack of transparency in the process and says separate research is being done and he plans to hold a “Committee of the Whole” meeting to address the plans.

Garnar says the resolution he has submitted for a full vote in December would select Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare to provide drug treatment services with New York State providing the use of Building 1 at the former BDC for the program.

Garnar called approval by the legislature next month a “no brainer decision.”

Reynolds says during the previous months questions to the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services are still unanswered.  Reynolds says the County Legislature has long maintained the seriousness of the problem of opioid abuse on individuals and their families and with a funding resolution on the table, lawmakers will conduct a process to look into the impacts on health, social and local economic levels.

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