McDonald's released their end of the year fan report, and New York set the pace in the most predictable category, late night McDonald's orders.

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New York City is world-renown as the city that never sleeps, but Binghamton doesn't get too much sleep either. The bars in downtown Binghamton are opened well past midnight, and everyone knows that the ideal time to order some fast food is in those early hours in the morning. So I have zero doubt that Binghamton played a hefty role in getting New York the prestigious honor of ordering more late night McDonald's than any other state in the country.

In fact New Yorker's ordered late night McDonald's so often, that New York City was twice as likely to order McDonald's after midnight than the rest of the country.

At this time, I'm unwilling to speculate on how much my own personal contributions to this goal may have helped New York receive this prestigious honor. For my own reputation, I'm just going to say I contributed very little to New York taking the top ranking for post-midnight McDonald's even if that might be stretching the truth a bit.

And in my defense, I'd like to remind the fine people of the Binghamton area that I am a self-proclaimed terrible cook so the "occasional" fast food order is very important to me. And nobody do the math on how much sleep I'm getting if I order McDonald's after midnight but have to be in the studio by 6:00 am.

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