One of America’s biggest triumphs in the 20th century was the space program that lead to the first man on the moon.

The Friday January 29th  at 7pm  on their YouTube channel, Kopernik Observatory and Science Center will present a very special presentation of  the Gemini missions, one of the building blocks that led to the Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

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The Forgotten Space Program: Gemini was between the earlier Mercury missions, that put the first man in space, and first man to orbit the Earth, and the Apollo Missions that actually put Neil Armstrong and eleven others on the surface of the moon.

The Gemini program only lasted two years, but during that time there were ten launches that tested man’s early steps, and gave us the technology and skills, that would get us to the Moon.

The Kopernik Observatory and Science Center invites you to join them this Friday January 29th  at 7pm on their YouTube channel, and learn about America’s Forgotten Program: Gemini presented by Phil Cooper.

The presentation will take you back in time to explore the many accomplishments, meet the astronauts and ask questions through the YouTube chat window.

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